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Kurtz & Blum PLLC - Raleigh Criminal Lawyers
At Kurtz & Blum we have fought relentlessly to defend people accused of crimes ranging from drug possession up through trafficking and from embezzlement all the way up to murder since 1998. Our experienced and aggressive trial lawyers can help you to achieve the best outcome possible in your case. We're in your corner.
Address : 16 West Martin Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone : (919) 832-7700

Brad Sahl
Brad Sahl is the managing shareholder of the Law Offices of Brad Sahl, P.C. in Raleigh, NC. The firm primarily represents people accused of crimes in state and federal court but the firm also maintains an active civil trial practice.
Address : 434 Fayetteville StreetSuite 2040, Raleigh, NC, 27601
Phone : (888) 839-4961

Roberts Law Group, PLLC
Roberts Law Group, PLLC provides experienced, effective and client-focused criminal defense representation. We work hard to get results for you. Our firm's founder, Patrick Roberts, previously served as Assistant District Attorney in three North Carolina counties. Mr. Roberts gained extensive felony and misdemeanor trial experience as a prosecutor. His reputation for integrity and his years of experience on both sides of criminal cases will allow you to anticipate strategies and prepare an effective defense. For effective criminal defense, Roberts Law Group is here for you.
Address : 203 W. Millbrook Road, Suite 200, Raleigh NC 27609
Phone : 919-521-4646

Law Offices of William L. Fay
Whether you are facing simple speeding ticket or serious charges like a DUI, DWI, or criminal charges that could impact the rest of your life, you should understand your rights and be aware of your options. Before you make a decision as to how to handle your criminal or traffic matter, talk with an experienced professional so that you can make an informed decision about what is best for you. The Law Offices of William L. Fay can assist you in understanding what you are facing, what legal defenses might apply in your case, and what options are available to you. Areas of practice: Traffic Law, DWI, and Criminal Law.
Address : 2626 South Saunders Street, Raleigh, NC 27603
Phone : (919) 828-5570

Kurtz & Blum
Since 1998, Kurtz & Blum, Attorneys at Law has been providing knowledgeable and effective legal counsel to residents of Raleigh, North Carolina in Wake County, and the surrounding areas. Practice areas: * Personal Injury Claims * Automobile Accidents * Trucking Accidents * Wrongful Death * Workers’ Compensation * Criminal Defense * Traffic Violations & DWI * Divorce & Family Law * Land Condemnation* Legal Malpractice * Medical Malpractice * Immigration.
Address : 16 West Martin Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone : (919) 832-7700

Sparrow Law Firm
The Sparrow Law Firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, is dedicated to protecting the rights of accident victims and individuals charged with serious crimes. The firm is committed to devoting time, attention and experience to each client. The Sparrow Law Firm, has successfully represented hundreds of clients in more than a decade of legal practice. Part of our success stems from providing clients with a hands-on approach to meeting their legal needs in a variety of areas, including: Criminal defense ( * Traffic tickets * Drug offenses * DWI/DUI charges * Larceny * Assault * Alcohol-related Offenses) and Personal injury ( * Car accidents * Truck accidents * Aviation accidents * Medical or legal malpractice).
Address : 317 West Morgan Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone : (919) 829-3500