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Cates, Hanson, Sargeant, & Rakestraw, P.L.C.
Our Phoenix law firm — Cates, Hanson, Sargeant & Rakestraw — is a full service law firm that combines the work of a team of trial lawyers to help you get the results you need and deserve. While we handle a wide range of matters including family law, personal injury and wrongful death, much of our focus is on representing people facing criminal charges in both state and federal courts. Cates, Hanson, Sargeant & Rakestraw offers top-quality criminal defense at reasonable rates. We offer free initial consultations and make sure that you'll always understand our fees, so you know exactly what to expect.
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Ferragut Law Firm
The Ferragut Law Firm is Arizona's premiere criminal defense law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of criminal law in the state of Arizona. We are committed to providing the most professional, aggressive, and effective defense of your case. We know that picking the right criminal lawyer to personally handle your case is important. We will provide you with the personal service and attention that you deserve from a criminal lawyer. Our experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff work as a team on each case, and we coordinate services, when appropriate, with qualified mitigation experts, private investigators, forensic experts, psychologists and other professionals in the criminal justice system.
Address : 2 North Central Avenue #715, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Phone : (602) 324-5300

Blumberg & Associates
At Blumberg & Associates, we are committed to providing the highest caliber criminal defense services in the state of Arizona. Our criminal justice system was founded on a presumption of innocence until guilt is proven. Unfortunately, many people in Arizona believe that if you are arrested for a criminal offense you are already guilty. Our Arizona criminal defense attorneys understand that being charged with a criminal offense is not the same as being guilty. Our experienced attorneys have handled thousands of jury trials, bench trials, and pre-trial settlements throughout Arizona. We routinely handle federal and state criminal matters involving, sex offenses, drug crimes, DUI / DWI, traffic offenses, violent crimes, white collar crimes, domestic violence, juvenile offenses, and probation violations.
Address : 3600 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015
Phone : (602) 277-6180

Beresky & Fish, P.C.
At the criminal defense law firm of Beresky & Fish, P.C., we represent individuals in Maricopa, Yavapai and Pinal counties charged with criminal offenses ranging from drunk driving and drug possession to sex crimes and murder. We aggressively defend our clients against all criminal charges. Our experience as former prosecutors provides an insider's knowledge of the approaches district attorneys use to convict. Our criminal defense practice includes: * Domestic violence * Drug possession * Marijuana * Meth * Drug trafficking * Drug manufacturing * Drug sentencing * DUI and extreme DUI * Theft and forgery * Assault * Murder and homicide * Gun crimes * Sex crimes * Probation violations * Human smuggling.
Address : 1421 East Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone : (602) 714-1632

Sonja Wolf
Phoenix Criminal Attorney Sonja Wolf is experienced and aggressive. For over 15 years, she has been protecting the rights of those arrested and charged with drunk driving or related criminal offenses. Sonja Wolf has successfully handled hundreds of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. Sonja Wolf takes pride in the fact that she has the ability to effectively negotiate and settle a criminal case or litigate it if necessary. Simply put, this translates into better results for clients who have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense. Phoenix criminal lawyer Sonja Wolf handles criminal law cases exclusively and has developed expertise in the field of Drunk Driving Defense. Phoenix criminal defense lawyer Sonja Wolf is personally involved in defending each client who has been arrested and charged with a criminal offense.
Address : 3839 N 3rd St # 400, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone : (866) 611-5251