Top Oklahoma Criminal Lawyer

Wyatt Law Office
We defend the rights of our clients. The Wyatt Law Office in Oklahoma City provides legal advice and representation in criminal investigations, plea negotiations, trials and appeals. We use only experienced attorneys in our law firm; therefore, you can trust the advice of your lawyers.
Address : 501 North Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone : (405) 234-5500

Atkins and Markoff
The Oklahoma City criminal defense attorneys at Atkins & Markoff have unsurpassed knowledge, experience, and success winning criminal cases for Oklahoma clients. If you have been charged with any crime such as traffic or DUI offense, drug offense, corporate crime, internet sex crime offense, child pornography charges, violent crime, or any other criminal offense contact us for an immediate FREE legal consultation. Atkins and Markoff and our Oklahoma City Defense Lawyers are committed to protecting your rights. Our ONLY obligation throughout the process of your case is to serve, protect, and vigorously defend our client from the State of Oklahoma and it's allegations against our client. We defend crimes in courtrooms across Oklahoma every day with great pride.
Address : 9211 Lake Hefner Parkway #104, Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Phone : (405) 751-1533

Ed Geary
Ed Geary has been practicing law since 1972 in Oklahoma City. Prior to starting his own law practice he was an assistant District Attorney for Oklahoma County for many years. He was a team leader in the Career Criminal division, which meant he trained other newer lawyers on strategies and practices involved in prosecuting criminal defendants. Legal areas: * DUI / DWI * Drug Charges * Theft * Sex Offenses * Violent Crimes * Juvenile Crimes * White Collar * Expungement * Felonies & Misdeameanors * Divorce / Family Law.
Address : 5601 NW 72nd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73132
Phone : (405) 728 - 8223

Glen R. Graham
Our firm was established over 21 years ago to provide efficient, expert solutions to everday people and individuals, everything from Tulsa or Oklahoma DUI to Drugs to Domestic Assault and Battery to even serious Felony and Misdemeanor and high profile cases in Oklahoma. Our primary services include criminal defense, bankruptcy, family law, personal injury, juvenile, probate, and other. We also offer a host of specialty services to cater to the unique needs of our clients. Our partners and staff of lawyers serve a wide range of individuals, corporations, partnerships, and organizations and are experts in the areas of the law that impact our clients.
Address : 1612 South Cincinnati Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74119
Phone : (918) 583-4621

Robbins Law Office
Attorney C. Michael Robbins has over 30 years of experience as a licensed and practicing attorney. He believes firmly in protecting the rights of his clients within a relationship of mutual respect, confidence and courtesy. Robbins Law Office provides strong and independent advocacy to all clients based on Mr. Robbins' solid foundational knowledge of the law as well as his broad-based life experiences. The firm represents clients charged with state or federal crimes, including violent felonies, driving under the influence/driving while intoxicated (DUI/DWI), theft, and white collar crimes. Mr. Robbins also has extensive appellate experience and can assist you in fighting forfeiture of your property in administrative proceedings.
Address : 120 North Robinson Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone : (405) 600-3051