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Schembs Sweeney Law
Being charged with a criminal offense in Indianapolis can be a very excruciating process for anyone. The Indiana criminal justice system is very complex and difficult to navigate without the help of an Indianapolis Criminal Defense Attorney. At Schembs Sweeney Law, we have a team of criminal defense lawyers who have the experience it will take to effectively handle your case. The Attorneys at our Indianapolis Law Firm handle a wide variety of criminal cases, including: * DUI * Drug Offenses * Domestic Violence * Theft Offenses * Murder/Manslaughter * Sex Crimes * Assault & Battery * Violent Threats * Vehicular Manslaughter * Child Abuse * Arson.
Address : 141 E. Washington Street Suite 225 Indianapolis IN 46204
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John Razumich
My name is John Razumich and I am an Indianapolis attorney with a single focus: helping people in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas of Indiana take care of their legal problems. The fact is:sometimes bad things happen to good people. Facing the court system is a stressful experience and I can help you through it. If you have been arrested and accused of a crime, you need a lawyer. Criminal charges can have serious consequences, and the right Indiana attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome for you and your family. If you’re facing a criminal trial, your choice of attorney will be one of the most important choices of your life. Even misdemeanor charges can carry serious criminal penalties. As an experienced and conscientious Indianapolis attorney, I can help you.
Address : 6602 East 75th Street, Suite 115, Indianapolis, IN 46250
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Stark Law Offices, P.C.
At Stark Law Offices, P.C. our goal is to continue to be the criminal defense lawyers people trust and a non criminal attorney turns to when a Criminal Attorney is needed anywhere in Indiana. We are experienced Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyers practicing criminal law within the courtrooms of Indiana each and every day. As a result, we know what steps to take and when to take them to enhance the likelihood of a prompt and favorable resolution to your criminal or dui case.
Address : 450 East 96th Street #500, Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone : (317) 846-1111

Law Office of Eugene C. Hollander
My downtown Indianapolis law office is a full service, results oriented law office, concentrating in criminal defense law at both the trial and appellate levels throughout the State of Indiana. I've been practicing criminal defense law in Indianapolis for 37 years and bring seasoned experience representing clients accused of all types of criminal felony and criminal misdemeanor charges in Indiana.
Address : 156 East Market Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone : 317-262-8161

Borland & Gaerte, P. C.
Borland & Gaerte, P. C. is an Indiana law firm dedicated to individuals facing federal and state criminal prosecution and investigation of felonies and misdemeanors. The following criminal charges are common types of prosecutions our office defends: * Drug Charges (Possession and distribution of cocaine, marijuana, or crystal methamphetamine) * Operating a vehicle while intoxicated (DUI, OWI, DWI) * Domestic Battery * Traffic Violations * Theft * Rape * Murder * Robbery * Fraud * Prostitution * Criminal Recklessness * RICO and racketeering * Counterfeiting * Possession of a handgun without a license * Public Indecency * Trespassing * Arson * Other felony and misdemeanor criminal charges.
Address : 141 East Washington Street #200, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone : (317) 920-9720