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Robert Callahan
Robert Callahan has defended people of all races, sexes, nationalities and economic classes and will use extensive resources, professional relationships and superior legal knowledge to protect your constitutional rights. Specialties of Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Callahan: * Murder * Drug Offenses (Possession, Trafficking, and possession with intent to distribute) * Federal and Felony Charges * Illinois DUI Attorney and Chicago DUI Lawyer * Weapons * Sex Charges * Embezzlement and Fraud * Assault and Battery * Juvenile Crime * Violent Crimes * Theft and Burglary * Domestic Violence * Probation Violations * Hit and Run * Traffic and Felony Traffic Offenses.
Address : 53 West Jackson Boulevard #1442, Chicago, IL 60604
Phone : (312) 322-9000

Law Office of Chris M. Shepherd
Attorney Shepherd is a veteran defender against hundreds of criminal prosecutions. He has earned pre-trial dismissals, as well as acquittals at trial, for everything from DUI, to Sexual Assault, to Violent Crime, and everything in between. We are always looking for ways to force a dismissal. By keeping current on constantly changing laws and the newest cases, we provided our clients with the latest cutting edge defenses that many other lawyers overlook. Areas of practice: Drug Offenses* Assault and Battery * DUI * Theft and Shoplifting* Sex Crimes * Prostitution/Solicitation of a Prostitute * Disorderly Conduct * Firearms and Weapons * Traffic.
Address : 327 South Plymouth Court #203, Chicago, IL 60604
Phone : (312) 789-8050

MRM Law Offices
MRM Law Offices is Chicago DUI law firm concentrating in every type of DUI, Criminal Law, MDDP, and Statutory Summary Suspension Hearing. MRM Law Offices was formed for the purpose of providing ethical legal practice and winning cases for our clients. The goal of MRM Law Offices is: To deliver the best possible legal results to our clients in every case we handle. We are consistently successful in meeting the principle goal behind our law firm. We are proud to offer our clients excellent legal experience along with our reputation for integrity, excellence, and success.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (312) 339-6892

Law Offices of Andrew M. Weisberg
For an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer who fully understands Chicago criminal law, contact the Law Offices of Andrew M. Weisberg. Mr. Weisberg is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience in a variety of criminal matters including: * Assault * Burglary * Domestic Violence * Drug Crimes * DUI * Federal Crimes * Fraud * Murder * Robbery * Sexual Offense * Theft-Related Offense * Traffic Violations * Weapons Charges.
Address : 203 N Lasalle Street, Suite 2100, Chicago, IL 60601
Phone : (773) 908-9811

Michael J. Petro
One of Chicago's most respected criminal defense attorneys, Michael J. Petro, has earned a reputation for providing high quality, aggressive legal representation in Chicago and around the United States. Criminal defense attorney, Michael J. Petro, earned this reputation by providing his clients with the highest standards of diligence, knowledge and professional advice, and by steadfastly protecting his client's constitutional rights. Whether a client is seeking a Federal criminal defense attorney or an Illinois criminal defense attorney, Michael J. Petro treats each client’s situation with attention and importance.
Address : 53 West Jackson Boulevard #324, Chicago, IL 60604
Phone : (312) 913-1111